If you’re a budding mixologist or building a home bar, Capital City has an expansive variety of liquors to help you create the best cocktails at home. From small-batch bourbons, like Basil Haydens, to a variety of rums, tequilas and vodkas including all varieties of American-made Hangar One, Capital City presents an incredible selection at affordable prices.

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Balcone’s Brimstone

750 mL
Whiskey | Texas

Purification through fire — a Texas oak fire, that is. Rather than using Scottish peat smoke, this one-of-a-kind whisky is smoked with sun-baked Texas scrub oak using our own secret process. The result is a whisky full of fresh youthful corn and light fruit notes married with a bold smokiness. Brimstone is the world‘s first wood smoked whisky ... a Texas campfire in a bottle.

Glengoyne 12 Year

750 mL
Scotch Whisky | Scotland/Highland

This scotch whiskey has the scent of coconuts and the flavors of lemon zest, toffee and apples. Hand-selected sherry casks were used to help create this paradise of flavors and rich, golden color. It’s the taste of Scotland’s slowest distillation and our insistence on barley dried by air (never peat).

Tomr’s Tonic Elixir

200 ml / 750 ml
Mixer | Bar Accessory

This artisanal quinine syrup is the perfect addition to a Gin and Tonic. Amber in color, this 100% organic syrup is made with real cinchona bark, herbs, sugar, and citrus, giving it an authentic, herbal flavor.